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johnny poetry

The City That Never Sleeps



    I Needed I needed someone to understand me To hear my words… Not as they sounded But as I meant those words to be I wanted someone to know me To look at me… Not as I appear But as the one I am that no one else sees I longed for someone to love…


    If tears could build a stairwell and memories were a lane, I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken no time to say good-bye. You were gone before I knew it, and only God knows why. My heart still aches in sadness, and secret tears still…


    We little knew that morning, God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, In death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you, You did not go alone. For part of us went with you, The day God called you home. You left us beautiful memories, Your…


    my thoughts about you are frightening but precise I can see the house on the hill where we make our own vegetables out back and drink warm wine out of jam jars and sing songs in the kitchen until the sun comes up wena you make me feel like myself again.

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